No more unplanned downtime.

Increase MTBF. Reduce MTTR. With our self-service sensors and AI-driven predictive maintenance platform for manufacturing.

Smart monitoring with insight.

Tackle downtime before it happens and let your maintenance teams being proactive.

Monitoring 24/7

Monitor your machines 24/7 and use smart triggers to get notified in case something doesn't work like expected.

AI Driven

Our platform can automatically recognize malfunctions and trigger alerts before a failure happens.

Privacy and security first

Our platform is hosted in the European Union and we comply with all the privacy and security regulations.

Self-service sensors

Our sensors can be installed and configured directly by you.

API first

Build new solutions and custom workflows with our API. You can integrate external data and sensors.

Smart notification

Set custom and dynamic thresholds based on sensor's data and get notified with SMS or emails.


Monitor your machines using our platform and generate custom reports based on telemetry data coming from our sensors.

Cloud based IoT 4.0

Access our platform from the production site or from the office. You are always connected.

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